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A creative platform exploring self-love, self-discovery and personal growth.

Writer, creative producer, film-maker and Project founderRemani Love

Remani Love Project is a creative platform that explores self-love, self-discovery and personal growth aimed at women actively in the pursuit of self-love and greater self-awareness, promoting self-compassion, community and well-being.

Remani Love's most recent production of Love Doc (2016) is an independent documentary exploring the concept of self-love in relation to identity and culture, with an emphasis on connecting those of the African diaspora. Through eight women, of varying ages, Love Doc breaks down the throw-away notion of 'Just love yourself'.

Following it's successful premiere in July 2016, Love Doc has been screened at various film festivals such as Brainchild, Wheel n Come again curated by Brighton-based film group Legacy films and Unmasked Women - an exhibiting exploring Black Women and Mental Health. Remani has been featured on local and international radio stations such as BBC WM, The Beat London 103.6 FM and Cliff Central Johannesburg.

In October 2016, Remani Love was invited to South Africa, by the British Council and Creative Nestlings, to showcase her film at RedBull Amaphiko Film Festival in Soweto, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

While Remani Love continues to tour the film and project, she is also interested in developing partnerships to deliver personal development workshops in universities and sixth forms throughout the UK.

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