Love Doc

Love Doc (2016) is an independent documentary exploring the concept of self-love in relation to identity and culture, with an emphasis on connecting those of the African diaspora. Through eight women, of varying ages, Love Doc breaks down the throw-away notion of ‘Just love yourself’.

Inspired by Remani Love’s own challenge to love herself and her increasing frustration with the lack of clear instructions about how to do this. Remani Love tours the documentary, delivering self-love workshops-  sharing what she has learnt and creates safe spaces for women of all ages to speak honestly and openly about their challenges and triumphs of their own self-love journeys, enabling collective healing. Events typically include special guests, such as mental health practioners, yoga instructors and wellness coaches. Remani love is passionate about inspiring women to engage in their own self development, incorporating more self-love practice into their everyday lives, focusing on doing the ‘inner work’, with the opportunity to be connected to specialist therapists who advocate a holistic approach.

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